Apparently Snuffbomb deleted his tumblr and someone took it over??

Come on, you cant hate snuffbomb, Pewdepie yes but no snuffbomb

oh my god you are so stupid and uneducated
he is a pedophile and a manipulative abusive asshole

please get that through your thick skull you fucking idiot i swear to god

Excluding Pewds, do you like any gamers like Cryaotic, Achievement Hunter, Ken or Cr1tikal?


i like markiplier uberhaxornova immortal hd and cry theyre so great omg

I understand that u hate mlp, waffles, LJ but i can't go though that u hate pewdiepie :V

well his lets plays are stupid he never pays any attention to the storyline of a serious game he screams so much he makes my ears bleed and makes rape jokes apologizes then continues to make rape jokes

holy shit i didnt know about this shit snuffbomb has done jessus christ. like genuinely thank you for educating me about this piece of shit

no problem tell ur friends tell ur police friends

and all those things i hate i have a perfect reason for

Why is he a creep?
How come you don't like snuff bomb?

hes a fucking creep you need to be educated

same to snuffbomb